Best CPU Coolers under 150mm in India – 2022

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Most high-end, midrange, and even cheaper 120mm / 140mm CPU air coolers are so tall that they are not suitable for small computer cabinets and motherboards, or standard mid tower boxes that are not tall enough. We need a high CPU cooler, that is,  with a height of 150 mm or less. If you’re looking for a compact and powerful CPU air cooler that’s big enough for your processor and computer case, the 92mm CPU cooler is for you. These CPU coolers have a 92 mm fan and a lower height drain, about 140 mm or less.

The 92 mm CPU cooler is also known as a mini tower CPU cooler or a compact CPU cooler. They offer much better performance than thin CPU coolers and about the same performance as 120mm or 140mm CPU coolers for the same price. It’s also much better than the standard CPU cooler that comes with the processor. The 92 mm CPU cooler fits easily into most Mini-ITX cabinets, SFF cabinets, and almost all Mini-Tower and Mid-tower computer cabinets. RAM space and PCI-Express slot space usually do not clog DIMMs and PCIe slots, so these 92mm CPU coolers are not a problem. You can overclock a bit with these compact CPU coolers, but they are generally designed to run the processor only at stock speed. For users with compact versions, we provide a list of 92mm CPU coolers best suited for Intel and AMD sockets. They can also be used in larger computer cabinets.

The list contains the best CPU Coolers under Rs. 2000 with height under 150mm for use in cases like Corsair SPEC 05.

Best CPU Coolers in 2021

ARCTIC Freezer (Freezer 7 X, Freezer 7 X CO )

The best cooler under Rs. 2000. This cooler is just brilliant. It is is so quiet you have to listen hard to hear anything at all. It is Made with precision and designed keeping your choice and requirement in mind with hassle-free usage.

The cooler is compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD Sockets that include AM4 and LGA 1200 Sockets. 

The CPU cooler is very affordable and I think it is the best compact CPU cooler you can buy for a compact case. It looks good too and has a brushed aluminum finish and aluminum caps over the heat pipes.

Cooler Master Hyper 410R RGB Direct Heatpipe Air Cooler

Hyper H410R features a single tower and a single fan design. In addition, the compact design of the tower cooler is ideal for installation in small cabinets.

A special fan design improves the flow of air through the heat pipes. For 92 mm PWM fans, there is a wide range of fan speeds that can be adjusted to increase airflow. It should also be configured for quiet operation and good cooling. The performance of this CPU cooler is much better than the original CPU cooler, and depending on the CPU and temperature control, it may overclock a little.
The range of stacked fins minimizes resistance to airflow and allows cooler airflow to the heatsink. Snap and Play intuitive fan bracket design makes it easy to upgrade and remove the fan. Direct contact technology
Heat pipes with direct contact technology effectively provide excellent heat dissipation. The Wired RGB LED Controller enables customizable colors and effects with the touch of a button.
Hyper H410R RGB is a thin, compact and quiet profile cooler designed to fit in a small space. Excellent performance in this class makes it a good fit for homes with low form factors and comes under Rs. 2000.

Silverstone KR03 Krypton CPU Cooler

The Silverstone KR03 CPU cooler is only 125mm long. It is compatible with almost all mini-ITX and SFF computer cabinets and is also compatible with server cabinets.

In terms of performance, the cooler is significantly better than a standard CPU cooler and can be operated without having to worry about Core i5 and AMD Ryzen 3 processors. Yes, you can overclock a bit, but not much. 

The Silverstone KR03 has a 92mm blue LED fan for very quiet and efficient operation. The combination of direct contact copper heat pipes and aluminum fins provides a large surface area for heat dissipation and efficient operation.

It consists of an alternating lamellar stack structure with a larger air inlet area and a denser air outlet area to expel hot air for better cooling. It is a good option for the best CPU cooler under Rs.1000.

Thermaltake Contac 9 CPU Cooler

A simple and compact cooling system with a fan. A cooler type cooling system speeds up CPU cooling. It has compact design and is light weight.
Heat is transferred to the most efficient heat dissipation points in the foil. The degree of compatibility has been greatly improved. It is easier to recycle than other plastics. Supports a wide range of Intel CPU sockets, but AMD supports AM4 socket especially. 

To improve heat dissipation, Thermaltake Contac 9 has three heat pipes, ensuring a good cooling solution for the CPU.

Noctua NH-U9S Chromax Black CPU Air Cooler

NHU9S is part of the award-winning NHU9 series.  As a valuable heir to the famous NHU9 Noctua series, the NHU9S is a high-end silent cooler in 92mm format. The asymmetrical design of about five heat pipes outperforms the cooling performance of previous versions.
The degree of compatibility has been greatly improved. The 125mm high NHU9S seems to be the perfect solution with optimal compatibility with most enclosures, memory modules and PCIe ports. It is a small but excellent cooler. This is probably the best AIO cooler you can find in this small size. Compatible with most AMD and Intel sockets such as AM2 to AM3, FM1 to FM2, LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 2066. In this way, there is no problem with socket compatibility. It is 125mm long and 95mm wide and is fanless in size. NHU9S is made of copper and aluminum and is nickel plated. The color scheme is great and there are no scratches. Given its size, it works much better than expected. It keeps your system and CPU cool all the time under load. Easy and safe to install.
It works very well and is quiet, which makes this cooler more comfortable. Small and medium-sized casings are low in height and easy to hold. It’s small, but it does a really great job. What’s more, it contains thermal paste and more, so you don’t have to buy anything extra. It has a solid build and super cool fans.

In conclusion, we would like to say that the 92mm CPU cooler is not only suitable for compact cases, but also for normal desktops if you don’t want to overclock or don’t have an unlocked processor. All coolers in this list except Noctua are under Rs. 2000 only. These coolers perform much better than the standard CPU coolers that come with the processor. It also saves a lot of space in your computer case, improves breathability and breathability, and doesn’t block RAM or PCI slots.

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