Best UltraWide Monitors in India – 2022

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There are now a lot of ultrawide computer monitors designed to give more spacious, immersive and delivering great visuals or simply extra display to work. An ultra wide monitor is a computer monitor with a much wider display than usual. Today the standard ratio is 16:9. This means that the screen width is 16 units for every ninth height. It also affects the resolution. Full HD with 1920×1080 resolution 16 pixels horizontally for every 9 portraits. Divide each number by 16 and 9 respectively and you will get the same answer.

Extra horizontal screen can be used in different ways, across  professional, gaming, and productivity. You will find the best of the best monitors for  gaming in ultrawide. This is because the extensive screen works great, so the best computer nerds will feel great about the ultrawide monitors. You can save the program tabs, enter and access a lot of Windows as the same time.

Best UltraWide Monitors in India

Ultra-wide monitors are great for everyone. If you need a widescreen gaming monitor, create high-quality content, display small spreadsheets, or compare multiple versions of a photo or of an image, you have a good list of options. There are many choices with advantages for different uses. You can check out the list of the best cheapest ultrawide monitors in India.

Cheapest UltraWide Monitor in India

This is a great Ultrawide monitor under 20000 in India.

LG 29 Inch WFHD Ultrawide Monitor (HDR 10, AMD Free sync, Inbuilt 5W Speaker, sRGB 99%, Multi Tasking) – 29WL50S

An ultra-wide monitor has huge benefits, primarily for productivity, but also for gaming. The LG 29WL50S monitor presents a very good value proposition, with excellent color accuracy, good connectivity, really useful screen organization software, and a clean, sleek design. 

It is a little cheaper, supports HDR, and has a good HDMI connection. This is probably the best option, unless the price is very close. HDR support, especially on Windows, has a long way to go, but the sustainability shows somewhat that the display and the games that support it are impressive.

  • 29-inch UltraWide™
  • 21:9 UltraWide™ Full HD Display
  • IPS with sRGB 99%
  • HDR 10
  • MaxxAudio®
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync™

Best UltraWide Monitor in India

LG 34 Inch QHD Ultrawide Monitor (sRGB 95%, HDR 10, Height Adjustable, Speaker (7W x 2), HDMI x 2, DP) – 34WN750

The LG 34WN750 UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor has features such as a high response time, a great contrast ratio, and a eye safe reader mode to help your eyes adjust to long hours of use. LG offers this great monitor plenty of high resolution display and onscreen control/ It  is one of the best widescreen monitor in India and one of the best computer monitors available. 

The LG 34WN750-B is the cheapest in India with a 34-inch monitor with 1440p resolution and HDR support. It is a good featured bunch, the LG 34WN750-B is worth it due to its 1440p resolution and the IPS panel, together with the HDR support. There are not other 34-inch ultrawide choices like the LG, but bear in mind you’re getting the best important features.

  • 34-inch UltraWide™
  • 3440 x 1440 Resolution
  • IPS Display
  • sRGB 99%
  • HDR10
  • AMD FreeSync™

Cheapest Gaming UltraWide Monitor in India

Here is the cheapest gaming ultrawide monitor in India.

LG Ultragear 34 inch G-Sync Compatible Curved Ultrawide (144Hz, HDR 10, IPS Gaming Monitor with Height Adjust Stand,  HDMI x 2, Display Port) – 34GL750-B

The LG 34GL750 manages to deliver both immersive picture quality and smooth performance in fast-paced games thanks to its ultra-wide resolution and IPS panel. The price is lower, and HDR support is basically amazing.

LG 34GL750B is based on an IPS panel with true 8-bit color depth, 99% sRGB color gamut, maximum brightness of 300 nits, static contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and angle of 178 degree wide vision. It’s safe to say that LG’s 34 GL750B gaming monitor is good and well worth it for everything, it’s a great option for general use with a greater focus on gameplay.

Its big difference is the brightness of 300 nits, while the screen of most gamers is around 350 nits. It can mimic what HDR would be in some games, even if it’s not HDR. With its build, finish, ergonomics, and picture quality, you should consider your next 144hz monitor.

  • 34” 21:9 Curved WFHD (2560×1080) IPS Display 
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC® Compatible 
  • Adaptive-Sync Technology 
  • HDR10 
  • IPS with sRGB 99% 
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate

Best Gaming UltraWide Monitor in India

Acer Predator X35 1800R Curved 35 Inch UltraWide QHD Gaming Monitor

If you want the best HDR gaming experience available right now, the Acer Predator X35 offer just that, with NVIDIA GSYNC up to 200Hz ensures fluid and responsive performance while the 512-zone FALD solution makes for an incredibly immersive HDR viewing experience. You also get plenty of additional features and premium design quality. 
The Acer Predator X35 is one of the best gaming monitors currently available as it offers an incredibly responsive performance while at the same time delivering an otherworldly HDR picture quality! It is cheaper yet offers a notably larger screen with better colors and even faster pixel response time with no ghosting or overshoot. 

  • Ultra-wide Quad HD
  • 200 Hz refresh rate
  • NVIDIA G-sync ultimat
  • Curved to 1800R curve
  • DisplayHDR 1000

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